Camella Vittoria

House And Lot In Mactan, Cebu City

Mactan's Secret is a Quaint Little Village called Vittoria.

Camella Vittoria

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Vittoria Subd., Mactan, Cebu City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Lot Sizes: 218 sqm to 255 sqm
Floor Areas: 65 sqm to 143 sqm
Price Range: Php 3.1 M to Php 5.3 M


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Camella Vittoria By Camella Homes

On the northern coast of the Mediterranean lies Italy. This is a country known for some of the unique architectural design the world has ever seen. Camella Vittoria, a nature inspired village in Vittoria subdivision Cebu City draws a lot of similarities and themes from Italy. Camella, the developer behind Camella Vittoria, have done some extensive work around the Mediterranean area trying to look for unique themes to incorporate in their projects. 

Camella Vittoria has been placed at the center of Mactan as a beautifully manicured residence for everyone interested to see. The serenity, peace, and tranquility around here can make you mistake this residence for a little paradise. Camella has done lots of homes in this area and all over the Philippines, however, this development is unique in many respects. Ever since this idea was conceptualized and the building of the model houses started, island living has been completely revolutionized.  

In this enclave, there is a close and friendly interaction between man and nature. The Italian themed gardens and well-kept flowers and bushes blossom and create such a refreshing scent around here. The developer has tried keeping everything natural in terms of vegetation, but 2 or 3 varieties of flowers may be foreign to this land. Such mixture of indigenous and foreign creates a unique feel of harmony similar to that of the indigenous people and the others like you who are contemplating buying lot or homes here. 

The Vittoria subdivision geographically lies at the center of Mactan Island and the baroque Italian style of architecture makes you think of this as an offshoot of the Italian culture in Philippines. Camella has the finest builders and craftsmen who are full of creativity and experience. They have collectively built more than 400,000 homes in various cities and municipalities in the country. On top of that, the developer has a ubiquitous presence in over 39 provinces in Philippines. 

To make it easier for you in decision making, the developer started with 4 model houses all named after jewels because indeed that is what Camella Vittoria is, a jewel in the city. The house models are Drina, Carmela, Emerald, and Sapphire. 

Carmela is a two-story house that has 3 well-planned bedrooms. All the bedrooms are in the second floor and also share a toilet and bath. The ground floor has the living area, a spacious and modern kitchen, and a dining area all merged in one expansive space. There is a toilet and bath for the ground floor as well as a strategically positioned balcony to give you a view of the cityscape and the beautiful environment around. There is a carport which is spacious enough to accommodate your vehicle. The floor area for the Carmela Model is 65 square meters while the lot area starts from 88 square meters. The contract price is 3,178,092 pesos. 

The second model is Drina. This has unique features and specifications. Much like Carmela, it has two stories and 3 bedrooms one of which is master ensuite. The two other bedrooms share a toilet and bath and are located on the second floor. At the ground floor is a living room to the left upon entrance and dining area to the right and directly faces the kitchen space. Sharing a wall with the kitchen is the toilet and bath and next to this is the maid’s room. The balcony gives you an excellent view of the community and a vantage point to see the city’s skyline. The carport is nicely done to serve you for a long period of time. The floor area which totals the ground floor and the second floor is 83 square meters while the lot area is more than double the floor area at 218 square meters. The contract price is 3,998,248 pesos.

The third model is Sapphire.  Named after the precious stone, Sapphire is a two-story 3 bedrooms unit with the living room, dining room, kitchen, and maid’s room located at the ground floor. There is a toilet and bath at the ground floor right opposite the kitchen and in between the two is an exit to the backyard. The carport is strategically positioned on the right to the entrance of the house. To the left of the entrance is a porch. The second floor has 3 bedrooms one of which is master ensuite looking the two others to share a toilet and bath. Sapphire has a floor area of 110 square meters and a massive lot area of 255 square meters. The contract price is 5,041,250. 

The fourth and final model is the rare jewel Emerald. This is the biggest of them all in terms of floor area. It is a two-story building with 3 bedrooms all located upstairs. The master ensuite is squeezed to a corner while the other two bedrooms share a toilet and bath. At the ground floor, there is a beautiful porch to the right of which is the carport. The living room welcomes you into the house next of which is the modern dining space. The family room is a new addition which the other models do not have. The kitchen and maid’s room are separated by a toilet and bath. Straight on from the dining space is a verandah on the outside giving you a beautiful view of the backyard. The floor area is 143 square meters and the lot area is 255 square meters. All this comes at a price of 5,351,590 pesos.

An Italian inspired village simply called Vittoria has come to Mactan! This similarly nature-inspired village has a beautiful garden placed right at the center for all to see. The Camella Vittoria had just conquered Mactan with all its immaculate beauty and serenity. Another one of Vista Land’s prestigious projects, this house and lot package will surely revolutionize how island living is should be.

This enclave interact men and nature like no other projects have done where statuaries are arranged precisely and the Italian-themed gardens have well-kept bushes and flowers are blooming intensely under the refreshing cool wind. This exclusive subdivision located at the center of Mactan Island has houses in baroque Italian style designed and built ingeniously by Vista Land’s finest craftsmen and builders. The houses come in 4 Jewel Model series homes such as the Carmela, Drina, Sapphire and Emerald.

Subsequently constructed in 2-Storey Single-Detached and 2-Strorey Single-Firewall, the units have sizes ranging from 65 to 143sqm of floor area while lot area has size ranging from 88 to 132sqm. All has provision for carport, all in 3 bedrooms with 2 T&B and maid’s quarter for selected units. Also selected units have balcony, lanai and porch, while all units are furnished with dining and living areas and fully finished and painted walls and ceilings. Some models have basements for additional storage space. These houses are truly picturesque and really mimic Italian homes!

At the grounds, there is landscaped sidewalk with trellis and streetscapes, among others. The statues are on the ground are carefully sculpted by renown artists in Cebu. At Mactan, there is no shortage of prominent schools, colleges and universities and other learning institutions. This island retreat has in fact hundreds of them, the likes of the Aviator Flight School, St. Augustine International School, St. Joseph School, Airworks Aviation Academy, Newton School of Excellence, Advance Institute of Technology , Inc. and a lot more that are within the site’s close proximity.

There are also hospitals that are near the project, such as Mactan Doctors’ Hospital, Lapu-Lapu City Hospital, Insular Health Care , Inc. and the Our Lady of the Rule Maternity and General Hospital, among others.

Several malls, leisure centers and other commercial complexes are within the Camella Vittoria’s immediate vicinity such as the Gaisano Island Mall, Mactan Marina Mall, The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, Super Metro, Gaisano Saver’s Mart and Unisilver Time and many more!

There is certainly no dull moments at the Camella Vittorio Mactan!

Camella Homes Camella Vittoria in Cebu City, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Camella Vittoria, then check here first. We have full details of Camella Vittoria updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Camella Vittoria - Location & Vicinity

Camella Vittoria is located at Vittoria Subd., Mactan, Cebu City.

The main road you can use to access Camella Vittoria is the Basak Marigondon Road. Together with other roads that branch off from this one, you can easily find your way here. This location makes it easier for you to work anywhere around the city and still find your way in the evening to this community. Apart from the landscaped sidewalks and streetscapes that lead you here, this area is generally one that is highly developed. 

Mactan does not fall short in any way when it comes to education institutions. Here, you will find preparatory schools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. The island is renowned for the quality of education it gives to the locals here including those who come in specifically to enroll in these schools. Some of the notable schools include St. Augustine International School, Newton School of Excellence, St. Joseph School, The Aviator Flight School, Advance Institute of Technology Inc., and Airworks Aviation Academy. 

Apart from this, there are some of the major hospitals within reach. This ensures that emergencies are well taken care of by specialist doctors and any life threatening medical conditions addressed with care. This island is known for some of the best equipped hospitals and well-staffed. Examples of what you should expect to find here include Lapu-Lapu City Hospital, Mactan Doctors’ Hospital, Our Lady of the Rule Maternity, Insular Healthcare among others. 

Leisure centers and malls also abound in this area. The malls here are unique because they combine local products and some exotic brands of almost every product category from fashion to wines and spirits, you will get here what you would ordinarily get in any international destination. The malls also have early opening hours and late-night closing times. In this way, you can shop for a much longer period of time without feeling the rush to beat time. Among the top malls include Mactan Marina Mall, Gaisano Island Mall, Super Metro, Pueblo Verde, Unisilver Time, and lots more. In short, there is no dull moment here. 

On weekends, you may decide to take your family out and sample the best restaurants on the island. Be sure to taste the local dishes because the food culture here is amazing.

Camella Vittoria Location

Camella Vittoria - Photo Gallery

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Landscaped Side Walk

Landscaped Side Walk

Street Scape

Street Scape

Camella Vittoria - Features & Amenities

Of all Camella’s developments, Camella Vittoria has one of its kind landscaping layout and overall outdoor design. At the gate to this community, you will start having a feel of how secure this area is. The security guards will take you through several checks to establish where you are going and your particulars for their own record purposes. Visitors here take notice of this strictness in security detail and almost immediately admire living in this area. 

From the gate, you will immediately see the large landscaped expanse crisscrossed by beautifully laid out sidewalks. Camella Vittoria is a major beneficiary of large spaces bearing in mind its location at the heart of the city. These beautiful lush greens were intentionally done for the residents here to just relax and have picnics with their families. In many places, such spaces are either planned out completely or too squeezed such that they are never sufficient for the privacy of families. Here, you do not need to get out of the community because everything is within reach. 

To complement the landscaped flat spaces is an eye-catching streetscape that has street light beams to light your way at night. Now, this is a gamechanger because this community is large and without such amenities, walking at night becomes scary. However, at the moment, you can crisscross the community depending on where you are going without any fear. The perimeter wall and the electric fencing perched on top gives a critical layer of security. 
To add to the artistry and beauty of this community, Camella hired some renowned artists to do statues on the ground. Looking at the skill that has gone into these statues, you cannot help but appreciate the time and effort dedicated. It inspires creativity to say the least. 

Camella Vittoria is a community that promotes active and healthy lifestyle. There are lots of playground space where your kids together with those of other families can run around, stretch their limits, and make friends. For children development, this is extremely crucial and without it, the development process will be skewed. 

For the adults, there are jogging paths and trails for nature walk. There is something refreshing and energizing whenever you take a walk deep into nature. Great ideas and creativity comes about this way. As the people living here will tell you, levels of productivity skyrocket as you start exploiting the nature-linked amenities around this space. Who knows, you could fall in love with nature and come up with another hobby to add onto your personal development. 

Utilities are a major issue for families living in towns and cities. In Camella Vittoria, the developer saw this beforehand and put in place a reliable system that includes power distribution, water distribution, and well-defined sewerage system. There is so much recycling going on here such that literally nothing goes to waste. During the monsoon rains, surface runoffs as well as direct precipitation from above is well-harvested and stored for later use. As pertaining to electricity, the community enjoys both the national grid power as well as solar energy and backup generator. In this way, you can hardly go out of power while living here.

  • Landscaped Side Walk
  • Street Scape

Camella Vittoria - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carmela ₱ 3,178,092 Floor Area - 65 sqm / Lot Area - 88 sqm
Drina ₱ 3,998,248 Floor Area - 83 sqm / Lot Area - 99 sqm
Sapphire ₱ 5,041,250 Floor Area - 110 sqm / Lot Area - 121 sqm
Emerald ₱ 5,351,590 Floor Area - 143 sqm / Lot Area - 132 sqm

Camella Vittoria - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 :
No Down, No Interest (2 years to pay)
Option 2 :
Bank Financing
15% Downpayment, 85% Bank Financing

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